The global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented test for businesses and individuals alike.  Daily reports of increasing infections raise our anxiety and uncertainty about tomorrow, about the health and safety of our families, friends and loved ones.  During these uncertain times, the safety and well-being of our employees remains our number one priority. We are committed to providing the best possible support and assistance to help our teams manage the situation and continue to work safely and responsibly whilst delivering our key services.

All our facilities are currently operating as normal with reduced staffing levels and increased control measures, please be mindful of the situation and have patience with the staff managing the situation.  All our facilities including our waste recovery park in Escrick, our Liquid waste treatment site in Harewood Whin and Waste Transfer Station in Keighley are still operational. We are following government guidelines and industry best practice such as the latest WISH guidance, while we continue to monitor the situation closely.

Coronavirus Communication & Resources.

Click on link to resources for further information and downloadable PDFs:-

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