Acumen Waste Services provide a wide variety of industrial asset cleaning and decontamination solutions. Our strengths lie in the ability to provide effective solutions no matter what the scale of the job at hand with our highly experienced team utilising some of the industries most advanced technologies and techniques. With a huge emphasis on safety, we work closely with our clients to ensure all jobs are carried out in a timely and cost effective manner and that operational downtime is kept to a minimum.

To support our skilled Waste Management teams, Acumen operate a fleet of vehicles as well as using the latest plant and operating equipment. With this support network, we are able to provide a wide range of technical solutions that are specifically tailored to the unique needs of each separate cleaning requirement. All jobs are planned and executed with the customers’ unique situation and requirements at the forefront of our mind.

Specialist Services:

  • High pressure and ultra-high-pressure water jetting services
  • Bulk storage tank cleaning
  • Drain cleaning and inspection services
  • Chemical cleaning services
  • Steam and hot water cleaning
  • Confined spaces, breathing apparatus and standby rescue services
  • High hazard decontamination services
  • High airflow vacuumation for powder and liquids