Acumen provide a fully integrated emergency and urgent response Site Service to clients throughout the UK on a 24/7 basis and are accredited by the UK Spill Association. The Association is recognised by all UK regulators and ensures that standards are maintained at their highest level and having achieved renewed accreditation for more than a decade, Acumen have a long-term commitment to providing exemplar services in these challenging situations.

Acumen have an extensive track record in delivering bespoke services for a wide variety of incidents including leaking tanks, catastrophic fires, road traffic incidents involving chemical/oil releases, orphan waste site clearances, fly tipped materials, abandoned chemical and toxic substances, pollution to waterways/drainage systems and many more situations.

Acumen operate an out of hours manned telephone service that will direct any emergency call to an appropriate Acumen Incident Manager.

The Acumen Emergency call centre number is 0843 6580513

As accredited contractors to the UK Spill Association can assist with a huge range of scenarios with our 24/7 manned response service including, but not limited to:

Chemical Spillage and Release

The potential for chemical spillages and consequential release into the immediate site and surrounding environs is not confined to industrial complexes, who in many ways are well rehearsed to deal with the known hazards.  As well as attending such incidents, Acumen also respond to a much wider range of circumstances, which include:

  • Wrong use of chemicals at swimming pools, resulting in spillage and release of chlorine gas
  • Mercury spillages in schools, laboratories and from damage to manometers at water pumping stations
  • Damage to packaged materials at distribution centres and in DIY chain stores.

Fire Event Response

Our rapid 2 phase approach initially involves our attendance at site whilst the emergency services have total and restrictive control of the fire scene. The secondary phase will be when the emergency services have declared the impacted site as safe for access.

Spillage on Water Courses and Drainage Systems

The potential for chemical spillages and consequent release into aquatic environs presents a very real threat of further migration of pollutants. As an accredited UK Spill Association contractor we can offer a range of services to ensure the situation is dealt with promptly and in a compliant manner.

Site Clearance

Our teams of specialists provide assistance to all stakeholders to manage the safe and compliant clearance of emotive, problem, illegal and polluting sites. The range of service can vary, from simple haul and disposal to more all-encompassing site clearance and remediation schemes – often requiring deployment of a variety of differing resources.

Leaking tanks and pipework

Tanks and associated pipework are integral to all buildings, industrial processes and infrastructure. They convey a huge range of materials, many of which have the potential to pollute directly or impact adversely on other environs. Acumen provide a 24/7 response service for tank and spillage site remediation, which includes:

  • Rapid mobilisation and assimilation of requirements
  • With the host, isolation of effected services and tanks
  • Drainage or vacuum equipment of tank/pipework into suitable containers or bulk tankers
  • Cleaning of residues from the tank/associated pipework
  • Removal of (now) redundant plant
  • Decontamination of all affected areas, with techniques employed to manage risk of further migration before removal of all contaminated wastes and equipment.


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