Our dedicated hazardous liquid waste treatment facility based at Rufforth, York provides comprehensive treatment on a variety of wastes including gully wastes, oil/waters, interceptor waste and oily sludges.

The facility offers a three-phase separation process for oils, aqueous liquids and solids integrated with an on-site bio-treatment process and is supported by an on-site laboratory.

If you are not sure what waste you have or need clarity on the most appropriate approach, our technical team are happy to attend your site to undertake sampling and analysis in order to correctly classify your waste materials.

These visits also allow the opportunity to scope packaging, access and transport solutions.

As well as this we’re obviously happy to add value to any part of the waste chain and our highly experienced team are always available to offer advice and guidance on best practice.

Our processes maintain the highest levels of regulatory compliance and are easily auditable; both the treatment and disposal of the aqueous phase is undertaken in-house, and the non-hazardous filter cake is taken to our own nearby treatment facility at Escrick further treatment and recovery.

The site is serviced via hard-paved roads, has a weighbridge facility and fully integrated truck wash out capabilities.

The treatment site benefits from concrete paving, with associated sealed drainage systems allowing articulated vehicles to utilise the site safely. We are also able to receive waste by road sweeper and tanker in addition to packaged waste in drums and IBC’s.