We sat down with Acumen Project Manager Anthony Lee to discuss our approach to Project Management..


Dealing with waste management, treatment and industrial site services requires a wide range of skills, considerations and planning. With a plethora of factors to take into consideration on every job it’s imperative that a standardised protocol is in place and that all parties involved are fully up to speed with the “what, how and when” of a project. On a day-to-day basis the experts at Acumen are involved in a diverse range of projects whereby safety, compliance and cost-effectiveness must all sit comfortably together. As such, this requires a robust approach to project management that competently compliments the advice and services being delivered without it becoming cumbersome or unfit for purpose.


Here’s a glimpse in to the 5 step plan we follow for Project Management within the Waste Industry.


1 – Background Research

It’s safe to say that the old adage of “knowledge is power” can never be underestimated. At Acumen it’s safe to say that we never start a project without fully understanding the background and the context. Understanding the full situation, all external factors and what requirements and timelines exist to successfully and sustainably resolve these issues are integral to obtaining a real handle on the project and its requirements.


2 – Clarity of Scope

When the background checks are complete, the team look to define the scope and understand which waste management service will be required, the timelines involved and any external factors or pressures. This ensures that any facility cleaning, dismantling, decommissioning or contamination project can run smoothly and minimise any unexpected scenarios – whether it’s in-house or outsourced services which are required.


3 – Planning

No matter what the job is Acumen’s clients can rely on the fact that all services provided are done so by a team of in-hose experts in waste management solutions. With a diverse skillset at our disposal it’s hugely important that the correct specialists are brought on board at the right time. This allows us to keep the plan moving on time and thus ensures that the required hardware and facilities are available at the required time. By knowing which stakeholders will be involved and any external factors, allows for a full project plan to be devised and that lines of communication are constantly open.


4 – Communication

Expectation management is vital to ensuring we have a satisfied client and the Acumen team pride themselves on great communication and transparency throughout every project. We understand that for many of the jobs we undertake that time is very much of the essence and this is why each and every member of the team is fully briefed on project challenges, expectations and desired outcomes. With a robust plan in place the project leader will communicate the plan, timelines and expected results from the forefront so that there are no unexpected surprises or failed objectives.


5 – Control

Any waste management projects needs full control from start to finish – with a minefield of regulations and restrictions to be negotiated and particular processes which must be followed and Acumen are experts in understanding such regulations. As part of our commitment to continuous improvement and striving for more sustainable solutions to waste management, we look to comply with your Duty of Care and manage all administrative obligations on your behalf.


Whilst every waste management project we work on has its own particular nuances it’s imperative that we maintain an agreed base from which to work. Working in this way means that we can deliver a consistent level of service across the business and that as we grow we’re able to train new members of the team in the preferred Acumen way.