We spoke to Matthew Lee, a site Operative based in Dewsbury who told us about his first month at Acumen.


What are the things you’ve enjoyed or been impressed with during your first month with Acumen?

Joining the Acumen team has been an amazing experience so far. I’ve really enjoyed being  part of the team and have felt so welcomed. I have been really impressed with the amount of support at hand, with many other colleagues eager to help. The warm welcome I have received  has really built my confidence in the role and my determination to achieve collective goals.


What was your journey before joining Acumen?

Before joining Acumen, I gained a wealth of experience within the Healthcare Sector. Working in a variety of roles, from providing support to vulnerable adults with learning difficulties to working within palliative care.

As can be imagined, working within these sort of roles provide very challenging environments and high stress situations. Which has helped me gain valuable experience with problem solving, stress management and being able to promote a duty of care to myself and others alike.

Obviously this is a very different path than the one I am on now on at Acumen, but the skills I’ve acquired and experiences gained can only put me in good stead for what the future with Acumen will bring.


Describe what a typical day involves for you?

I don’t think I have had a typical day as  my work within the team has been so wide ranging and varied – no two days are the same! However this keeps me on my toes and focused to tackle each days new challenges!


Why did you decide to join the Acumen team?

When I joined Acumen I initially felt like a fish out of water, coming into a completely new sector. I think this had quite a big impact in helping me decide to join the Acumen team, as it presented an opportunity to really take me out of my comfort zone, help build upon skills previously gained all the while learning and adapting to a whole new role.

I was aware that Acumen are real investors in people, and was one of the reasons I joined and has already been proven! In  my short time within the team I’ve completed my ADR training and will very soon be entering my HGV training. This in my opinion demonstrates how much Acumen are investors in people and only makes me even more excited for the future being part of the team.