What is Total Waste Management?

Acumen were pioneers in the provision of bespoke Total Waste Management Services for a wide range of clients across multi-sectors.  The concept is very successful for single site operators, but really comes to the fore for multi-site organisations.

The basic concept, which is now well established within the Waste Industry, is that a client can vastly reduce their administration costs, just in terms of invoice reconciliation, by trading with a sole supplier, rather than multi-suppliers for each waste service type across and across all sites. But Acumen’s success has been that we offer so much more than that.


Where Acumen make a difference

To us, it all centres on people: using their expertise, technical ability, knowledge of the market and how they communicate with all stakeholders; to translate a concept into first class reality.

We start by listening.  An Acumen Key Account Manager will firstly visit the waste production site/s and observe current practices, in terms of:

  • How the waste is produced – could adjustments in the process reduce or eliminate the waste?
  • How the waste is stored – are the storage containers and areas safe and compliant with legal requirements?
  • How is the waste classified – has it been correctly characterised and assessed for any Hazardous Properties?
  • How is the waste currently disposed/recycled – is it achieving the highest level available on the waste Hierarchy?
  • And so on….

But most importantly, we listen to the individual requirements and priorities of all on site: from production managers, logistics managers, procurement managers to the guys at the sharp end – the waste handlers.   A plan won’t work without buy-in from all.

We then look at the most appropriate, safe, compliant and cost-effective solution for each element of the service, with input from our highly skilled team; and combine them into a new service profile that will work for all and deliver exemplar service.  The service may well be provided through a combination of Acumen resource and specialist suppliers, most proximate to the location and who have been audited and approved through our supply chain management system. Once approved by the client, the Key Account Manager and his nominated coordinator in Customer Services will onboard the service provision through an agreed roll-out programme, ensuring effective communication to all stakeholders, continuous monitoring of service levels against target KPI’s and providing bespoke waste reporting systems through real-time portal access.


My experience with Acumen

I have worked in the waste management industry since 1982 (but try to keep that quiet now!) and first joined Acumen 16 years ago at a time when we were just starting to roll out some of our Total Waste Management contracts to multi sites customers operating in the utility and chemical sectors.  Because of my skill set, particularly in dealing compliantly with hazardous wastes, I was assigned as Key Account Manager to several of these clients; and to also seek out and convert new potentials.

Over the years, my role within Acumen has developed to reflect the rapid business growth and diversification, but my current position as Contracts Manager still involves account management.  As well as managing our tender bid management process and being commercially responsible for waste inputs processed through our treatment facility at Escrick, York, I fulfil the role of Key Account Manager to all the Local Authorities using that facility.   This includes frequent contact and liaison at a strategic level, but also daily/weekly dialogue at operational levels.  And if I’m honest, this, together with the interaction with the operational crew at the facility is what I enjoy the most.