Water savings with ClearWater System

Acumen was recently tasked with installing a ClearWater System at a stately home in Taplow, Buckinghamshire. When our experienced team had finished installing this innovative system, the Head Gardener at the property asked if it would be possible to install water meters on to the hose outlets, to see how much water was being saved.

Acumen agreed to this and installed meters that were suitable for high-pressure readings. After measuring the water consumption for several months, we returned to check the meters. Using these figures and the ones provided by the Head Gardener for the period before installation, it was estimated that there was an annual saving of 250,000 litres of water by recycling it using the ClearWater system.

When put into context, considering the results came from a stately home which uses less than half the equipment found on a typical 18-hole golf course, it is not unreasonable to assume water savings in excess of half a million litres are possible (at a standardly sized golf club). This shows just how beneficial installing a ClearWater System can be.

In addition to installing ClearWater Systems, Acumen also provide a wide range of industrial site services and waste management solutions. These include the removal of hazardous waste and the treatment of contaminated land. For more information or to discuss your site needs in further detail, please get in touch with our experienced team today by calling 0800 118 2165.

"In eco-efficiency terms, both Bradford and Hull have made step improvement, Bradford through its waste minimisation programme."

Tony Moss|Key Account Manager