Acumen Waste Services provide hazardous waste solutions for Thermal Engineering

Acumen are currently working with Thermal Engineering to remove hazardous wastes from their site at Royston, UK. The waste is collected is in various packages, such as drums, Acubins, and IBCs. Thermal have a compound where all hazardous waste is stored and Acubins are situated around the site. We also supply FELs for the businesses general waste and dry mixed recycling.

The waste produced by Thermal is extremely hazardous with many streams consisting of strong acids, caustic process wastes and used flammable products such as paints and resins. These waste streams bring additional challenges to regular waste collection as specific containers are required to contain the waste as well as transport plans to keep incompatibles safely segregated on the vehicle. Acumen provide the technical expertise to ensure all wastes are stored and transported safely and compliantly.

New Waste Streams Created Due To Continuous Manufacturing Changes

Thermal have continuous changes in their manufacturing processes, which produces new waste streams. Acumen work with Thermal to dispose of this new waste by identifying the hazardous constituents and performing a technical assessment to determine the hazardous properties. Acumen take away samples of the new waste to perform analysis and determine the best next steps to take, ensuring it is in line with the waste hierarchy and waste regulations.

Acumen also empty the interceptor on site, providing industrial site services and tanker vehicles on top of the ongoing collection of packaged waste. They are able to accept and treat the interceptor waste at our Liquid Waste Treatment Plant outside of York.

The waste compound at Thermal is a small area, which requires a focus to ensure that it does not become full and therefore leave hazardous waste stored unsafely. Acumen work closely with the Thermal to ensure collections are regular and on time to maintain suitable space in the compound.

Bespoke Reporting and Vehicle Usage

Acumen utilize their own fleet of vehicles to collect the waste from Thermal allowing flexibility to work around any scheduling requirements. The fleet is fully ADR compliant to carry dangerous goods and with the in-house Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor (DGSA) all transport regulations are adhered to, as well as all waste regulations.

In addition to the waste management and technical expertise, Acumen supply Thermal with monthly reports detailing the waste removed from site and all waste compliance information. All environmental reports and commercial information, such as invoices, are available to Thermal via a bespoke online portal. The portal is an easily accessible secure online area where information can quickly be found, giving an efficiency to the administration and reporting requirements of waste management.

Acumen Waste Services is one of the leading waste management companies offering innovative solutions throughout the UK and are one point of contact for both hazardous and non-hazardous wastes. For more information about Total Waste Management, any other services or to discuss a potential project, please get in touch today on 01977 529586 or email


“An Acumen employee visits our site regularly to assess and prepare the waste to ensure it is ready for collection. They have provided our team with a new listing template so we can make sure the any pre-acceptance information is supplied to satisfy regulatory guidance. Through doing this they have provided a technical improvement on our waste removal as well as creating an efficient process.”

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