Acumen Clear Nine Locations & Improve the Environmental Impact Whilst Doing So

Acumen Waste Services have been chosen as the site clearance supplier for a company after creating a strong relationship with them from working on previous clearance on-site projects together.

The project has seen a crew of up to 12 Acumen employees clear 9 locations across 2 operational sites. Due to the importance of the job, safe systems are reviewed on a daily basis to ensure safety compliance’s are met at all times.

On site, materials are broken down and then segregated so they are ready to be collected and recycled off-site as a local material recovery facility.

Acumen also put additional rigor measures in place to increase the recycle ability of the materials and divert it away from ending on landfill to help reduce the environmental impact of the company. These added measures have worked as they increased the amount of waste material recycled from 65% to 90%.

Acumen’s team of experts have vast experience in industrial site clearance and waste management whilst also ensuring the environmental benefits are maximised.

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"We were tasked with clearing waste materials across a number of locations within existing sites. We have implemented a number of working zones which are cleared in a systematic way and left clear in readiness for demolition contractors. We have a great relationship with the MOD and look forward to working on many more projects in the future."

Anthony Lee|Project Manager