Removal of Asbestos Impacted Silt from a Riverbed

At the end of 2020 the team at Acumen were contacted to assist with the removal of Asbestos contaminated silt arising from the dredging of a river close to a residential area. The silt had been identified along a significant stretch of a free-flowing water course, with exemplar design and management required to complete this  difficult and dangerous project. Asbestos is a problematic substance to manage but the challenges presented were further amplified by the restricted site access, the magnitude of the watercourse and the extent of the silt contamination.

Specialist Asbestos Removal


Following an initial site consultation, Acumen dispatched a team of industry specialists to isolate and contain the contaminated are from the adjacent  residential site. Due to a working conditions, including watercourse and access constraints, the silt was removed in bulk. The silt was extracted using vacuum techniques to awaiting tanker, for onward dispatch to one of Acumen’s own hazardous treatment and transfer facilities.  A treatment process including de-watering was undertaken by Acumen to ensure that the project was delivered in a compliant and cost-efficient way.

Acumen are problem solvers and solution finders. This project ably demonstrates the turnkey in-house capability we have. In this instance, using Acumen’s site teams, tanker fleet and waste facilities, we were able to respond to a complex Customer requirement in a diligent and commercially advantageous way.

Laura Hodgson|Business Development Manager at Acumen Waste