Acumen assist Rail company with the Assessment and Management of Waste Streams

Assessment and Classification of Waste Streams

A South Yorkshire based rail development company have partnered with Acumen Waste Services for the management of their sites waste streams. The firm produce two different shot blast waste streams and were unsure how to classify the materials and dispose of them in the most cost effective and compliant manner.

After a series of conversations regarding the materials, a member of the Acumen sales team visited the site to speak to the client and assess the waste streams. Acumen needed to understand the process the rail company were currently using to then be able to classify the different material. On the visit samples were taken of the different waste streams and the client was advised of what is being tested for and why it was important as it was needed for the auditing purposes.

Once the analysis came back from the lab, Acumen’s in-house technical team were able to assess the data and confirm a technical classification on the materials. This is classification was completed according to Waste Management 3 classification guidelines set by the government to correctly classify waste.

Assessment and Classification of Waste Streams

Materials found within the waste stream were categorised into hazardous and the other non-hazardous materials. By completing the sampling, it enabled the in-house technical team to assign the correct European Classification Code (EWC Code) allowing the customers to be supplied with the suitable drums to contain these materials with the correct labelling for each product.

The drums are then monitored and once full, Acumen collect them from site ensuring they have the correct paperwork and take the classified waste to Acumen’s waste transfer station in Keighley.


‘’Every client is important to us, as is the technical expertise and service which Acumen provides. We were able to find the right solution for the client and continue to provide them with analysis and full traceability of their waste so they can get on with their day job and know everything is taken care of.”

Laura Hodgson| Business Development Manager at Acumen Waste