Acumen Waste help Places for People Improve Waste Stream Disposal and Stay Compliant in Two Locations

Not-for-profit organisation, Place for People create sustainable living communities across the UK. Acumen have an ongoing collaborative relationship with the organisation and recently worked with two of their communities in Milton Keynes and Bradford, West Yorkshire.

During a routine visit to each location Acumen identified opportunities for more effective ways to segregate their waste streams for disposal avoiding a compliance issue. The Places for People team worked together with  Acumen Waste to complete further thorough site assessments to both locations and developed a plan for immediate action and a long term waste segregation strategy.

Throughout our site visits, Acumen look for opportunities to create a plan to reduce materials entering he waste stream as well as promote waste segregation, on site education and recycling solutions.

Improving Multiple Locations Waste Stream Disposal

The introduction of larger containers for segregated waste streams and installation of legally compliant hazardous waste containers within a designated hazardous waste area has helped the Bradford Places for People site team to segregate the waste in the correct manner. Collecting larger amounts of waste on a scheduled frequency has enabled fewer vehicle movements on site and reduced overall waste costs.

In addition to the provision of legally compliant hazardous waste containers on site, Acumen installed new site signage to raise the profile of waste, its containment and be demonstrating industry best practice.

Acumen designed a waste compound area at the Milton Keynes site along with bespoke magnetic signage to suit each site individual requirements.

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"We have worked with Places for People since 2010 and they fully embrace our collaborative approach to waste management. We continue to develop bespoke services to meet their needs and will ensure we deliver sustainable and compliant processes throughout the business."

Klaire Metcalfe|Director of Client Relations