Acumen ClearWater Provide Multiple Environmental Solutions to Save Time & Money for the National Trust

Acumen recently installed their ClearWater Recycling System at the National Trust site at Dyffryn Gardens, South Wales. Due to its limited drainage points, the client was interested in a closed loop wash off point for their vehicles and equipment. The treated water within the ClearWater system was the perfect solution as the run off water is cleaned and recycled helping to meet both the needs of the National Trust and their associated legal requirements.

By recycling the treated water, the ClearWater system removed the need for the National Trust to fit and connect a drainage system and water pipes. This particular site sat in a relatively remote, rural, location and it would have proven costly and logistically challenging to install any sort of bespoke drainage. By choosing to install the ClearWater system they were able to integrate an environmentally beneficial solution without the major disruption.

Matthew Mears, General Manager of ClearWater, commented on the partnership: ‘It is great to work with an inspiring company. The National Trust’s aim is to protect and care for the nations special places, our recycling system is a fantastic piece of equipment to aid this company aim. The system enables users to comply with current legislation and stop any contaminated wash water from going to ground, the water is then treated by micro-organisms (specifically designed for ClearWater) removing all contaminants. The treated water is then used for wash off and recycled in the closed loop system for further use.

Unexpected Challenge is Overcome Through Cost Effective Partnership

It was noticed on excavation of the soil prior to installation that the soil being removed could be contaminated, creating a health and safety complication to the install. To overcome this issue, before the system could be fitted, ClearWater recommended that Acumen Waster Services tested the land for contaminated substances and sent samples away for further testing. The results came back around 10 days later advising the soil was unfortunately contaminated but only in certain areas.

Laura Hodgson, Business Development Manager at Acumen said: ‘By conducting a site visit I was able to look at the two areas of excavated material and suggest sampling and segregation on site. The soil classification results enabled me to advise how this could be moved in the most compliant and cost effective way’.

Although this slightly delayed the system install, the overall process only took around 2-months to complete. The partnership, however, will be ongoing due the provision of an annual service and any repair work that may be required. With ClearWater sitting as a division of the wider Acumen family they were able to deliver additional value to the client in terms of expertise, time and money. This also eliminated the need to work with another service provider who may have delayed the install yet further.

From Problem to Solution to Problem Solved

Chris Flynn, Head Gardener, of the National Trust commented: ‘Due to being located in such a rural area the system has been a great investment. The recycling system has exceptionally low running costs whilst continuously helping us to improve our environmental impact through the recycling of the treated water and complying with current legislation.’

The Benefits of a Multi-service Business

The symbiotic partnership that ClearWater and Acumen has allowed the business to deliver value added solutions whenever the needs arise. While ClearWater provides a market leading washdown system which complies with the Groundwater Regulation 2009 (England and Wales) and current EU regulations, Acumen offers in house technical solutions to deliver compliant and cost-effective results whilst upholding the highest levels of health and safety, integrity and customer service.

As a leading provider of Industrial Site Services and Waste Management Solutions, Acumen also provides an emergency response service to deal with spillages and environmental incidents.

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"We were delighted with the installation process and Acumen’s ability to resolve the contamination issue. They added value to their original offering, ensuring everything ran smoothly over the course of the project."

Chris Flynn|Head Gardener of the National Trust