High Hazard Clearance Project Successfully Completed

Working for an environmental Regulator, Acumen recently completed a high-hazard clearance project of an illegal chemical storage site in the north east.

The neglected site had previously been host to a range of business activities including general haulage, container storage and the transport and processing of a range of chemical wastes and samples.

As a result, significant quantities of assorted chemicals were present across the site in various containers, including corroded shipping containers and loosely stockpiled within buildings on the site.

Having derived a safe system of work, including working at height, Acumen mobilised a full site services team including full-time chemist to safely identify, repackage and remove wastes from site.

Hazardous Waste Removal


The wastes included flammables, toxic, corrosive and carcinogenic materials comprising petrol/diesel, Methanol, Styrene, Epichlorohydrin, Kerosene, crude oils, essential oils and resins.

Grossly contaminated land in and around the former storage areas was also delineated and removed. All wastes removed were taken to Acumen’s Dewsbury hazardous facility for onward treatment.

Once again we’re privileged to have been selected by this Regulator to carry out this hazardous and difficult project. This constrained and abandoned site presented both logistical and technical challenges – all of which are right up our street.

Lauren Hill|Technical Director at Acumen