Acumen help Future Cleaning Services Deliver a First-Class Road Sweeper Service

Future Cleaning Services deliver a wide range of cleaning services to the private and public sectors. Founded in 2004, they have seen rapid expansion throughout the UK. Within their service portfolio, they have developed Road Sweeping activities and have invested in a modern fleet of road sweepers, operating in a wide variety of locations such as car parks, building sites and highways. Their largest depot is based in York on a modern industrial park, where their road sweeper fleet operate from.  The road sweepers only have a payload of up to 2 tonnes and therefore need to dispose of the accumulated solids on a very frequent basis. One solution would be to invest in their own waste transfer facility, but this would extremely expensive as it requires a bespoke facility to be built, operating under strict environmental legislation. Acumen had the perfect cost-effective solution for them as they operate an extensive soil treatment facility at Escrick, only 8 miles from Future’s base. The facility, which has been operational since 2013, provides the ideal solution for the treatment of road sweeper waste. The reception pad is specifically designed to accommodate road sweepers and gulley emptiers. It is fully bunded and incorporates a large sump to capture any liquid residues deposited. This allows the operators to internally wash out any remaining residues, enabling them to proceed to the next job without the need to return to base.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Removal 

The treatment facility operates under a full Permit issued by the Environment Agency. The permit allows for the receipt of up to 250,000 tonnes per annum. It receives a wide range of contaminated soils and is particularly effective in the treatment of road sweeper wastes. Not only is it accommodating “direct tip” clients, it also allows for the collection of road sweeper waste in bulk from many local authorities in the Yorkshire area and beyond. The facility incorporates bespoke technology which washes and breaks down sweeper waste into its’ major constituents which are aggregates, sand and organics. An excess of 95% of all incoming wastes are permitted to the adjacent Recovery Park, in stark contrast to the use of disposal via Landfill.

Added Value Facility Operations

Through the operation of the Escrick treatment facility, Acumen are able to add value to Future’s road sweeping activities:

  • Our proximate location minimises unproductive mileage and the potential impact on the environment of vehicle operations.
  • The facility is on hard standing throughout and is therefore not prone to adverse weather conditions.
  • The large reception bays accommodate multi deliveries without delays.
  • The treatment process places Future Cleaning high up on the Waste Hierarchy which translates through to their clients.

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“We have worked with Future Cleaning Services for many years and built strong relationships with their team. We look forward to continuing the partnership and providing a high quality and extremely beneficial service to them.”

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