Fly Tipping & Asbestos Waste Removal

Fly tipping is one particular part of Acumen’s emergency waste response and removal services that we love and loathe in equal amounts. We hate the fact that people feel it’s ok to dump waste in local beauty spots but we take great satisfaction in clearing the waste and doing everything we can to return each location back to its original state.

Fly Tipping Waste Removal

So, when our Emergency Waste Response and Removal Services team took a call from Selby Council in September 2020 about a number of local areas being subjected to fly tipped waste we were more than happy to react immediately and set about the task at hand.

After initial consultation with the Council, Acumen mobilised a number of teams to assess each area and ensured that any hazardous waste was segregated, and appropriate measure put in place for safe and compliant disposal. A grab lorry was then deployed to clear all of the non-hazardous waste and this was taken to a dedicated material recycling facility for segregation and recycling.

Asbestos Removal

Cleared Waste AreaDuring our initial assessment of the waste the Acumen team discovered that Asbestos sheeting had also been dumped. This was immediately isolated, contained and then disposed of via an authorised facility. Acumen provides a wide variety of services and our roots are in the hazardous and difficult, solid and liquid waste market but over the last decade we have developed our service offering across the entire waste management arena. One such area is the identification, safe removal and disposal of Asbestos and it’s something we are always happy to help with.

Once the Asbestos removal was complete the team at Acumen set about clearing all other waste materials which were then collected and each area that had been fly tipped on was returned to its original state.

Fly tipping has a huge impact on the natural environment. When you throw in the dangers associated with Asbestos you have a serious situation that needs to be handled carefully. Acumen has the in-house skills to identify and safely segregate and dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous waste types quickly and legally.

Klaire Metcalfe|Director of Client Relations