Emergency Fuel Spill Rapidly Resolved by Acumen Experts

The Challenge

Acumen received a call from a client that had recently taken delivery from a HGV to one of their Norfolk based sites. Upon arrival the HGV struck a bollard at the entrance to the site which subsequently punctured the HGV’s fuel tank and resulted in over 250 litres of diesel being discharged in to the car park.

As well as the above ground risks it was confirmed that the business had underground water storage tanks which had also been contaminated. These tanks were part of a business-critical clean process and would result in a site closure if not addressed as soon as possible.

Acumen’s Response to Diesel Spillage

After the initial phone consultation Acumen immediately dispatched a response team to assess the situation. Once on location the team found the client had closed all water outlets from the site meaning the fuel spillage had been contained. As well as this, relevant spill kits and booms had been used to prevent the fuel from migrating from the car park and underground tanks.

Once the site audit was complete and the appropriate works had been discussed and agreed with the client and their insurance representative Acumen dispatched its specialist response team to deal with the issue.

With the solution agreed Acumen provided:

  • Fully Trained Operatives
  • ADR Tankers
  • Haz Waste Skips
  • Mini Diggers
  • BA Equipment

With time of the essence Acumen’s response team removed all contaminated gravel, soil and spill kits for transportation and disposal at one of our own facilities.

As well as this the fuel spill specialists cleaned the underground water tanks where once again the waste was disposed of at Acumens facility.

Having removed and cleaned all relevant areas Acumen then used a specialist network partner to inspect the soils and associated areas to confirm the contaminated ground had been removed to a satisfactory standard. Finally the team then reinstated the impacted area.

Fuel Spill Rapidly & Safely Cleaned

From first call to completion of the job a total of just 3 days had passed with the site being handed back to the client without affecting site operations. This was another prime example of Acumen’s ability to rapidly, effectively and safely respond to an emergency spill situation.

Our spill response specialists are experts in the industry. We understand that downtime for any business can have massive consequences and that’s why we are proud to be able to respond safely and effectively at short notice.

Peter Lohan|Commercial Director