Acumen Waste Provide a Cost-effective Emergency Response Solution for a City Council

In March 2019, Acumen assisted a City Council from the North East of England with the assessment of fly tipped material and created a strategy for its removal. Due to the urgency of the project, the client was interested in a quick but cost-effective solution. Acumen’s ability to provide a fully integrated bespoke emergency response in challenging situations at a practical cost, made them the perfect company to solve Council’s problem.

Within 72 hours, Graham Mills, one of Acumen’s most experienced contract managers, arrived on site to start the assessment process. It was clear a dynamic approach to the removal of the fly tipped material was needed to reduce the amount of disruption ensuring all stakeholders at Council were satisfied.

Strategizing the Removal of Fly Tipping Material  

Following the initial visit to the site, there was over 100 tonnes of fly tipped material found that needed removing. The first step to ensure safe removal of the 100 tonnes was for Acumens highly specialist team to attend and assess the materials to understand what the waste consists of.

Graham commented: “We needed to make a decision on the waste stream and in order to do this we had to understand what the fly tipping consisted of. It was discovered to be a mixture of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

This now meant our removal strategy needed to be cost-effective but also compliant to ensure the waste stream was dealt with safely but still within the agreed time scale.”

The strategy proposed included using the following vehicles and personnel for the waste management and industrial site service:

  • 14 x 8 Wheel Tippers
  • 1 x 20 Tonne Excavator
  • 1 x Contract Manager to oversee the job

Delivery of the urgent Fly Tipping Material Removal

Due to the assessment outcome, the waste was removed under the EWC code: 17 09 03* (other construction & demolition waste, including mixed waste, containing hazardous substances). This was to ensure both Acumen and the client were fully compliant as it was difficult to know if any further hazardous waste was below the pile.

Acumen have an extensive track record in delivering bespoke services for a wide variety of incidents and operate an out of hours manned telephone service for emergency calls. They are also a leading provider of Industrial Site Services and Waste Management Solutions.

The Acumen Emergency call centre number is 0843 6580513 but for more information about the other services offered or to discuss a potential non-emergency project, please get in touch today on 0800 118 2165 or email

"Acumen kept everyone involved at the Council informed and completed the job to a high standard within the timescale we needed it completing in. We found after the original 14 loads of waste were removed there was a further 6 that needed to be collected before our agreed deadline. However, they ensured our expectations were managed and the deadline was met and we were delighted with the overall service provided by Acumen."

Representative|North East Council