Businesses Combat Coronavirus With Acumen’s Industrial Cleaning & Covid 19 Disinfection Specialists

With the current COVID-19 pandemic causing mass disruption to businesses across the UK, Acumen’s experienced Industrial Cleaning and Disinfection specialists have been called upon to help clients stay open by providing a quick turnaround and comprehensive cleaning and virus decontamination service.

Operating out of our regional depots our Cornoavirus decontamination teams, made up of highly experienced and well trained industrial cleaning specialists, have been busy working closely with our clients to provide high level disinfection and cleaning services. Using industry revolutionising technologies Acumen has provided a variety of solutions to ensure their premises are safe for employees and their customers.

Here are just a couple of the Coronavirus cleaning and decontamination projects we’ve been working on.


Office Facility Coronavirus Decontamination & Deep Clean


A long-standing customer called Acumen Industrial Services after a confirmed case of COVID-19 at their 3 story office block in Huntingdon. They had already removed all staff from the building and required the full facility to be deep cleaned for COVID-19.


Acumen responded within 24 hours to survey the site. Upon arrival our surveyor met with site staff, agreed a plan of action and mobilised teams within 48 hours of the first phone call. Our industrial site services team arrived on site, with all the necessary equipment established an operational base on site and began the deep clean. The 9 strong team utilised sanitised wipes, cleaned all surfaces and equipment on each floor and using ULV fogging machines meticulously cleaned and disinfected all the work areas to help eliminate any traces of COVID-19 contamination.


Acumen’s Site service team worked throughout the weekend and completed the deep clean 3 days ahead of schedule, once the building was left for 12 hours to soak the facility was handed back to the customer ready for use.


Warehouse Deep Cleaning and Decontamination from COVID-19:


Acumen Site Services received an enquiry from a local Charity to carryout a deep cleaning of their Warehouse and office facility after a confirmed case of COVID-19. The Charity had already removed all staff from the facility but it was imperative that they made all areas as safe as possible to ensure the premises we decontaminated for any traces of Coronavirus.


Our Industrial Services team rapidly responded to the enquiry and within a day our survey of the affected site was completed. Having met with site staff, Acumen quickly formulated a plan of action and in less than 2 days form the initial contact we had a team on site and working to clean and disinfect the area.  The team of consisted of 6 cleaning specialists who utilised a number of methods to clean all surfaces and equipment on each floor and used ULV fogging machines to disinfect all the work areas.


Acumen’s Site service team worked hard over the weekend and after a 12 hoar soaking period the premises were handed back to the client ready for use.

"Our teams are expertly placed to undertake a variety of tasks to help with Coronavirus decontamination and COVID-19 deep cleaning to ensure a safe environment for our customers and their staff."

Peter Lohan|General Manager, ISS at Acumen Waste Services