Acumen Provide Continuous Waste Management Review and Modification for Telecommunications Company

A telecommunications company based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire contacted Acumen Waste Services as they were looking for a total waste management provider. Acumen conduct yearly reviews and regularly visit the site to ensure they are receiving a great service and to check the service is still the most cost-effective and efficient solution or if it can be modified to improve.

Making the waste removal more cost-effective

Part of the work Acumen does is to service the company’s regular skip exchanges of certain waste streams from one of their sites. The site is limited on space as it is a fully operational site and a hub for an integral part of their business.

Acumen was asked if any cost savings could be provided when a site visit was conducted to ensure the current set up was still working effectively and efficiently for the client. When assessing the general waste skip it was noticed there was a lot of wood waste within it, which would classify the waste as construction and demolition. Before implementing any permanent changes, Acumen spoke to the team at the disposal point and provided them with image of the waste in the skip as they wanted to assess this waste was a one off or a regular occurrence. It was confirmed it had become a regular occurrence; therefore, the client was offered a better rate for the waste they were disposing of in these skips and an alternative method for disposal of this waste only.

Making the waste removal more cost-effective

Due to the nature of the customers business, they often come across adhoc waste materials such as redundant plastic pipes left over after a project. When this occurs, Acumen will visit the site to take samples of the waste to identify the type of plastic and whether a rebate could be obtained for this material.

After visiting several suppliers to identify the type of plastic, Acumen were able to negotiate a rebate price for this material and arranged for the collection of it from the site. Some material didn’t qualify for a rebate so were offered an alternative disposal cost and the waste was cleared from site. As this waste was stored on a small operating site it allowed the client clear site and allow better operations on site.

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‘’Delivering a good service and what the client needs is at the heart of our business. We understand that waste isn’t part of the day to day running of most sites which is why we are able to provide our expertise to ensure all waste coming off a site is compliant, safely packaged giving full traceability.’’

Laura Hodgson|Business Development Manager at Acumen Waste