Complex Oil Bulk Tank Clean For Long-Standing Customer

During the first and second quarters of 2019, the Acumen Industrial Site Services team undertook an urgent and time critical clean out of a large crude oil bulk storage for a long-standing customer.

Cleaning the Oil Tank

The 45-metre diameter tank had an internal floating roof which added to the complexity as it meant that the majority of the work had to be completed using remote cleaning techniques due to restrictions on confined space working limiting man entry.

A final phase man-entry was needed, and this was undertaken by one of Acumen’s extensively trained and experienced confined space working crews using positive pressure breathing apparatus.

Positive Customer Feedback

The Acumen crew and management team, were highly praised by the client as the tank clean finished on time and to budget.

They were extremely pleased with the Acumen process and the constant communication of progress. The client visited the project close to completion and was amazed to see how clean the area was and equally impressed by the positive attitude the team displayed, especially considering the demanding nature of the clean.

Exemplary safety performance and timely delivery of excellent service is Acumen’s number one aim and projects such as this demonstrate that a clear focus on these aims ensures that Acumen core values are maintained and upheld.

‘’I think the professional, efficient, way this tank has been handled, confirms my thoughts that one preferred contractor, works best for both parties and I look forward to working with you in the future.’’