Acumen Provide Efficient Acid Waste Removal For Scotland’s Largest Recycler of Lead Acid Batteries

Blancomet, are the largest recycler of lead acid batteries in Scotland, based in Dunfermline, they collect and recycle lead acid batteries from car dismantlers and car dealerships throughout Scotland. Part of Blancomet’s process is the draining of the sulphuric acid from the batteries, which is collected in a waste storage tank.

Originally, waste removal companies were heavily reliant on customers informing the transport department of the waste acid tanks volume to see if needed uplifting. Sometimes, when production was high, the process of monitoring the levels of waste in the waste storage tank was left too late with the waste being in danger of overflowing into the bund area.

Acumen approached Blancomet with a solution to this issue making it easier for all parties to manage the waste levels and uplift the waste in a timely manner, and without input from any Blancomet employee. The proposal was to install an Electronic Telemetry System. This allowed the levels in the acid waste tank to be monitored by the Acumen transport team, even with a 250-mile distance between the waste producer and the Acumen transport office.

Removing Room for Error

The telemetry system worked by sending hourly transmissions via an electrical probe fitted to the top of a waste tank, with a multi-network sim card supplied to give best possible coverage even in rural locations. With a secure web-based data access, Acumen and the waste producer can view the sensor readings on their computer, tablet or smartphone. The system also includes email alarms when thresholds are breached or if communications from a device malfunction.

Acumen transport employees log onto an IT system daily to monitor the waste levels and send a suitable vacuum tanker to Blancomet as and when there is enough waste acid to collect, in order to maximise transport costs. If the waste levels increase unexpectedly over a weekend, then the system is equipped whereby it will contact the transport manager via a text message on his mobile telephone when levels exceed 80% of the volume of the waste tank.

The installation of this telemetric system has reduces a room for error and allows a smooth process of maintaining a safe working volume of waste and maximising transport costs by dispatching vacuum tankers efficiently and ensuring waste acid does not overflow into the waste tank bund area. Blancomet employees also have access to the IT system as they have their own “username” and password so they can also monitor levels of waste acid on their own site. However, with this telemetric system, this can be done without having to send an employee outside during inclement weather.

Benefits of Using A Multi-Faceted Business

Acumen also have the capability of uplifting a vast array of liquids and sludges for off-site Recycling/Treatment. Waste such as Acids, Alkalis, Flammable, Toxic, Environmentally Hazardous, Odorous or just Non-Hazardous Aqueous Waste such as Interceptor Waste, Septic Tank Waste and Landfill Leachates. Acumen can uplift and source a suitable conforming recycling/disposal solution from industries which include Chemical and Fine Chemical industries, Pharmaceutical and Petro Chemical Industries, along with Galvanising and Plating Industries, Printing Industries, Landfills and Government organisations such as the Environment Agency.

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