Water Pollution and Wastage is a Huge Environmental Problem in Golf Clubs

In the past 10 years, three different regulations have been implemented to manage the impact businesses have on the environment through their water waste. These include; the Groundwater (England & Wales) 2009 Regulation, the Water Environment (Groundwater and priority substances, Scotland) 2009 Regulation and most recently the EU Water Framework Directive.

Golf Clubs have a huge issue with water pollution and water wastage due to their usual rural locations as it can be difficult and often expensive to connect drainage systems to try reducing it. Therefore, when washing their equipment and vehicles the contaminated wash-water soaks into the ground, polluting the surrounding areas. Some Golf Clubs ignore the regulations put in place and take their chances, hoping they won’t be inspected. This is not a sensible idea as fines can be substantial amounts. Systems such as Acumen’s ClearWater have been designed to recycle the contaminated wash-off water, reducing a facilities water pollution and wastage.

Below-Ground System vs. Above-ground System

There are two types of water recycling wash-off systems that have been designed to reduce pollution and environmental impact of water wastage: below-ground and above-ground.

An above-ground recycling system uses elaborate engineering to pump wash-water into and around the system. It is often chosen by Golf Clubs as maintenance is less expensive than a below-ground system as it is easily accessible. However, due to the engineering there are more parts that could go wrong, therefore although maintenance is cheaper it happens more frequently.

A below-ground water recycling system means water flows into it using gravity, there are no complicated engineered parts, reducing the chance of anything going wrong. Acumen ClearWater’s water recycling system is installed below-ground however if needed, you have the ability to open the turret cover and look inside to ensure everything is working effectively.

Installing it below-ground also means there are no unattractive sights or noises at the Club, making it ideal as members are left unaffected and it reduces the chance of vandalism. Similarly, as the system is encased in concrete, you don’t need to worry about any leaks affecting the courses or causing any pollution / wastage.


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"Previously we had an above-ground system however we had multiple maintenance issues and a number of complaints over the tank being in view for members. After the many issues, I decided to invest in the below-ground Acumen ClearWater system to ensure we are continuously inline with water pollution and wastage regulations. We have had no major maintenance issues and its great I can have a look inside through the turret when needed. Deciding to go below-ground was a great decision as it is safer and has reduced the eyesore for our members and visitors."

Nick Billington|Asset & Equipment Manager at Brookmans Park Golf Club