Acumen’s Emergency Response Efforts Prevent Fuel Spill

Acumen’s Emergency Response Team were recently called out to an industrial estate in Sheffield to resolve a potentially dangerous situation involving a fuel spill.  With concerns for adverse health and environmental implications it was imperative that an effective response was planned and implemented as soon as possible.

Importantly this particular problem required expert intervention and the team at Acumen were perfectly qualified to deal with the challenges quickly and effectively.

The Issue

Upon arriving at work our client realised that an IBC containing diesel had split and the liquid was in danger of spilling out onto a public road in Sheffield. With safety at the forefront of the client’s mind it was hugely important that the incident was controlled as swiftly as possible.

How Acumen Helped

With no emergency response available in the area, Acumen deployed two of our staff to control the situation – arriving just one hour after the initial call. Without hesitation, National Account Manager Lisa Kay and Operations Manager Kevin Swaine made their way to the area with a pump and set about resolving the problem.

The Outcome

Fortunately for the team and the client, disaster was averted, and the matter was resolved which made for a happy, relieved customer and an avoided oil spill on a busy industrial estate in Sheffield.

As specialists in all areas of waste management our team of Emergency Response experts also operate an out-of-hours manned telephone service with an appropriate incident manager on hand to support clients needing urgent assistance. Simply call 01977 529586 and the team will help in any way possible.

Being in a position to react quickly is something we pride ourselves on and on this occasion the team were able to help prevent this spill from turning in to a potentially serious problem.

Kevin Swaine|Operations Manager