Multi Disciplined Acumen Waste Support the Delivery of Large West Midlands Rail Infrastructure Project

Acumen Waste Services were appointed by an Environmental company to assist with the classification, logistics and waste disposal on a large rail infrastructure project.

The site required a variety of expertise from Acumen, to ensure the project was delivered on time and to budget. The first phase required the removal of soils created from daily pile arisings and the second phase involved the assessment, classification and disposal of unknown, previously discarded materials. The site was situated between a motorway and slip road and had limited space on site resulting in a major challenge so well-planned logistics were crucial to the success of the project.

Acumen conducted several site visits to look at the material and to talk through in detail the methods for excavation, sampling schedules and logistical challenges. This allowed them to put a plan in place for quick & effective movement of materials in the expected time frame & budget.

The first of phase of the project took place between March and April 2020 and involved the removal of eighty-five loads of non-hazardous soil. The materials excavated had a very high moisture content and weren’t suitable for transport on a normal 8-wheel tipper. This happened during the COVID-19 lockdown but undeterred, Acumen contacted the site via video call to look at the material & to provide the best solution for safe transportation. The leaders in waste management were able to quickly source sealed 8-wheel tipper lorries to ensure the material was transported safely to the disposal point.

The moisture content varied throughout phase one of the project but through regular daily contact with the client, suitable transportation was organised.

Phase two took place in May 2020 and involved the Acumen team segregating and sorting discarded drums which were discovered during the soil excavation. A pre-site visit was conducted to look at the material and provide a range of disposal options to the client. Acumen meticulously classified, assessed and sorted the materials to ensure the safe and compliant removal of the waste. The team were able to re-package some of the drums on site to ensure they were suitable for onward transportation and disposal at Acumen’s waste transfer facility.

By sorting the waste on site Acumen were able to provide a recycling option for some of the metal which created a cost effective and transparent audit trail for all material removed from site.

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"Throughout the project our team have provided the client with full visibility on all aspects of the work, including administrative support (communicating waste tickets & permits) and supplying full tonnage reports on a weekly basis."

Klaire Metcalfe|Director of Client Relations