Acumen Specialists Called in to Dispose of Over 500 Tonnes of River Dredgings

The Challenge

Acumen’s expertise in the assessment and treatment of waste material was once again called upon when contacted by the Midlands arm of a national governmental body  with regards to river dredgings containing significant quantities of organic matter. With a limited window in which the waste needed to be disposed of, the Body were particularly keen to resolve the issue as efficiently and as safely as possible.

After an initial consultation about the client’s requirements a Key Account Manager from Acumen headed out to site to assess the task at hand accompanied by a specialist from a potential treatment provider. A detailed assessment was then undertaken alongside the client’s site agent.  Having completed the site assessment Acumen devised a detailed action plan that factored in a number of options for loading and tipping so as to ensure the client had a selection of comprehensive solutions to choose from.

The Solution

Acumen arranged for the material to be taken away using sealed tipper vehicles. This approached meant that the material could be directly loaded from the riverbank should the need arise. With everything in place the removal of the river dredgings began and saw over 500 tonnes of material being removed over the course of three days.

Key to the proposal presented by Acumen was the choice of the treatment facility. The recommendations around the most appropriate treatment facility ensured that the materials were to be used in other site processes and this solution diverted the waste away from being disposed of to landfill.

This project once again demonstrated the levels of resource and expertise within the Acumen team and amongst the wider supply chain; all of which is enhanced by the ability to react quickly and compliantly. Acumen’s approach is always one of assessment, consultation and recommendation which ensures projects are dealt with compliantly, efficiently and safely.

’It was great to work closely on this opportunity not only with the customer but also the disposal site. This job is a testament to the great relationship we have with our supply chain who assisted in delivering a great service to our client’’.

Laura Hodgson|Key Account Manager