Acumen Remove Entire Tank With Asbestos Components for 1st Response

1st Response Site Services Limited are an Essex based company who use Acumen asbestos roro’s on regular projects and called on Acumen’s expertise when they came across something more complex. 1st Response came across a steam pipe which had asbestos components on a recent demolition project being undertaken and the whole tank needed to be removed from site as part of the works.

Ensuring the tank could be safely removed

A member of the Acumen sales team consulted with the client to gain further information on the project and what it might entail. This included the logistics of moving the tank for site loading and offloading at the disposal site. As the tank couldn’t safely fit in one of our roro containers, Acumen gained the dimensions, pictures and some further information on the tank itself before consulting with the transport team. This detail enabled Acumen to look at the best vehicle for the job and the technical team to advise on disposal options due to the size of the tank and void space it would take up.

Choosing the correct loading equipment

As the tank was sizeable Acumen needed to ensure that correct loading equipment would be used on to site to load the vehicle and ensure that it was safe for transportation. Acumen advised that a crane may be needed as a pre-caution to lift the tank on to a flatbed lorry. There was a possibility the tank would be too heavy for off hire on a Hiab crane alone which would have led to project delays on site.

Acumen facilitated the transport and disposal ensuring that all the right equipment would be in place for safe transportation and liaised with the disposal site to ensure the correct offloading equipment would be available to move this tank safely in to the landfill cell.

"With our own in-house expertise within logistics and asbestos we were able to make this job as hassle free for the client as possible. We came up with several options so the client could choose which best fit their needs."

Laura Hodgson|Business Development Manager at Acumen Waste Services