Acumen Called in to Recover Abandoned Vehicle Containing Mixed Waste IBCs

Emergency Waste Removal

At the end of July 2020 Acumen received a call from a regional Police contact who was looking for assistance with removing a curtainside trailer which had been abandoned in North Yorkshire on the A63, just off the A1. Having been alerted to the abandoned trailer the Police deemed it necessary to call for waste disposal experts to look further into what the IBCs contained and turned to Acumen for help.

Emergency Waste Removal

Having taken the emergency waste removal call the team at Acumen jumped into action and undertook a site visit within a matter of hours of being contacted. Upon inspection the trailer was found to contain 24 1,100ltr IBCs of largely unknown mixed waste with some suspected of containing flammable liquids.

For understandable reasons the initial information supplied did not contain sufficient detail but Acumen’s onsite Chemist was able to safely take samples from each of the containers.

Once samples were taken the Chemist made the relevant classifications and organised appropriate secondary containment, paperwork and labels for the load to be re-packed.

Customer Satisfaction

As with all jobs Acumen undertake it was requested that the client complete a Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire. These questionnaires cover areas such as response times, flexibility, quality of advice, value for money and ability to complete the job at hand. We were delighted to see that the Acumen team working on this project achieved the maximum score of “Excellent” across each and every category.

Incidents such as this need to be dealt with quickly, safely and competently. Were starting to receive more and more enquires for help from the Police Authority and its testament to the versatility and levels of service that the team at Acumen can deliver.

Lauren Hill|Technical Director at Acumen