Acumen called to Emergency drum uplift

Acumen Called to Emergency Drum Uplift


When the support team at Acumen received an emergency callout in Wakefield regarding potentially hazardous drums that had been dumped on an industrial estate it was quickly evident that this was a job that required an urgent and effective response.


Response to Emergency Hazardous Waste


With many years of experience in emergency hazardous waste response Acumen has developed a fluid and fine-tuned set of processes that allow the technical team to respond to any scenario presented. In this instance Wakefield Council were the primary contact and they were also being supported by the local Police force and Fire Brigade who were the first to attend to the scene and determine risk to the public  whilst cornering off the area and the waste requiring safe removal.


Upon arrival the Acumen technical team set about establishing a clear understanding of the situation at hand before identifying the potential risks to the public and how best to arrange removal.  Once the site had been assessed, members of the operational team (Mark Fox and Matt Lee) arrived on site, swiftly arranging safe clearance of the drums with their professionalism being noted by the Police officers at the scene.


Site Cleaned Safely and Quickly of Hazardous Waste


From first call to completion the removal was dealt with rapidly. With all parties from Wakefield Council to the Police and Fire Brigade, along with our own team, working succinctly to clear the drums, handling the situation in a timely, efficient, and safe manner.

It was great to see that we also received a mention in the YappApp, a local news reporting app for individuals which saw the story shared on their nationwide Facebook page, showcasing the swift removal achieved by our Emergency Response team.


This call out is a great example of the Council, Emergency Services and our Emergency response team working together cohesively to achieve swift removal of a dangerous substance to the public.
Our expert team have specialist knowledge in a wide variety of areas and can always be relied upon to respond and safely remove any harmful obstructions from a site.

Lauren Hill |Technical Director