April 2022: Places for People bench delivery in Durham

As part of Acumen’s collaboration with Places for People, we recently delivered a bench to a garden in Durham to ensure its local residents can relax and enjoy the area as we look to continually make a difference for our customers and communities in equal measure.

The bench delivery comes as part of one of our ongoing initiatives and we have delivered a number to various locations where we have identified an opportunity to do a little and make a large difference. This is set to continue through the coming weeks and months.

Speaking after the delivery of the bench in Durham, one tenants explained: “I have just taken delivery of the bench and it is beautiful. It will fit perfectly into our little garden – I wanted to thank James for the delivery, the very talented people who made it and the whole team at Acumen who contribute to this cause. Thank you once again for your continued help and support.”

You can find out about the extension of our contract with Places for People which allows Acumen to continue to deliver work such as this for the next four years in our recent blog post.