For a variety of reasons many of the projects we undertake are done so without a great deal of fanfare or publicity, especially the works we undertake for our Regulator, the Environment Agency. Our preferred approach is to respect the sensitivity of these Contracts, deal with the job at hand and focus on delivering a best-in-class service and it’s something we remain committed to.

However, it’s always refreshing to see that the work we undertake is appreciated and supported by not just our clients but also MPs as well as governmental departments and their representatives.

Once such example of this can be seen when we welcomed MP Jo Gideon recently to a site in the West Midlands, where Acumen continues to work for the Environment Agency to reduce the risk of serious pollution.  Jo was hosting diplomats from the Austrian, French, Polish and German Embassy as an EU Delegation. Our Project Manager, Anthony Lee was happy to explain the works we are undertaking at the site.