As a leading provider of waste recycling services throughout the UK, Acumen Waste Services Ltd upholds the very highest levels of Health and Safety. An article in the industry newspaper, Recycling and Waste World, reports that the Health and Safety Executive plans to carry out unannounced inspections of waste recycling businesses. This HSE initiative is welcomed by Acumen Waste Services as a step towards further ensuring the safety of the industry’s employees.

The Recycling and Waste World reveals that statistics for Health and Safety in the industry as a whole show a worryingly poor record of Health and Safety generally, with 39 waste recycling workers losing their lives over the last five years. Shocking statistics also reveal that 11 members of the public were killed in the same period as a result of waste management and recycling work. Fatal injuries were found to be mainly caused by moving vehicles, moving machinery, or something collapsing or overturning. Acumen agrees that it is vital that improvements are made in safety levels for the 120,000 workers employed in the waste recycling industry throughout the UK.

The Recycling and Waste World reports that the HSE plans to begin the nationwide campaign of industry inspections early in October, and Health and Safety standards for the waste recycling industry will be reviewed as part of the programme to improve safety levels. The HSE has identified the waste recycling industry as a ‘priority sector’, with employees suffering a higher rate of workplace injury and ill health than in other industries.  HSE’S head of waste and recycling, Rick Brunt, advises: “HSE is calling on anyone working in the industry to take the time to refresh their knowledge of our advice and guidance, available for free on our website.”

Safety of employees and the public is a core value for Acumen, along with Service, and Integrity, and Acumen welcomes initiatives by the Health and Safety Executive to improve standards of safety in the waste recycling sector.