With the well-publicised and widespread restrictions of lockdown throughout the UK in 2020 and 2021 the sport, recreational and leisure sectors have been looking at a variety of ways in which they can save money whilst not letting their standards slip. Whilst they have been challenging times for many, this period has allowed many locations and facilities to undertake maintenance and improvement projects; and ClearWater has played a key part in helping our customers optimise time and budget.

Self-install Solutions

As leaders in the installation and maintenance of wash pad water recycling systems, the below-ground technology provided by ClearWater provides an effective, biological wash pad process, recycling up to 97% of water, saving money as well as being environmentally friendly. These systems have been used for various applications including greenkeeping, grounds maintenance, small plant, machinery, and vehicle wash-off areas for close to 20 years. As pioneers in the sector and our Customer First approach, many potential customers have turned to ClearWater not just to purchase the system, but also to take advantage of the overall experience and consultative approach offered by the team.

With tighter budgets, but with more time available for maintenance, a greater number of facilities have opted to self-install the ClearWater system, ably assisted by our in-house experts as and when required. The self-install option offered by ClearWater comes with comprehensive instructions and step-by-step photographs meaning that during a time where social distancing has become the norm, this option has proven very popular and convenient for businesses to install themselves.

On the past year, ClearWater’s Matthew Mears, General Manager said:

“The largest proportion of our work is undertaken with golf courses or other sports and leisure related facilities. As these sites have had to unfortunately lockdown due to Covid-19, staff have focused more on the maintenance of their grounds. As an example, one local authority in the North West has recently ordered 9 systems to ensure they are making the most of the time available to remain compliant across their facilities. The self-installation option has also seen a huge increase in demand but with our established financial and technical footing, we have been well placed tomeet our Customer’s expectations”

Save Time, Save Water and Save Money with ClearWater

Everything about ClearWater is designed for ease of use. For example, in periods of warm weather, there will inevitably be some loss of water by evaporation. Topping up is not a problem as all water flows from the washpad by gravity into the system (no complicated sumps, pumps or waterfalls) meaning up to 97% of water used is recycled. Rainwater falling on the pad will also top up the tankers at no cost and therefore means that in most instances, a mains water feed is not required.

Performance is enhanced by each water gun providing up to 8 bars or pressure from its own submersible pump. Measures have also been put in place should a pump fail as the system can still be used, whilst quick-fit fittings enable a replacement to be installed within minutes by the customer, meaning there is no need for an engineer callout.

Matthew Mears also commented:

“It goes without saying that recent times have been difficult so we’ve set about putting our Customer First, by being as flexible as possible at all points. To help, we’ve also introduced a 2 year in-house interest free payment plan along with other options to help share the cost burden as much as we can.”

If you’re driven by compliance and are in need of a washpad water recycling system then call the team at ClearWater to see how they can help on: 01977 529586