By investing in a ClearWater Recycling System, your business can save money & water. We have taken into account the events of this year with regards to COVID-19 and are happy to announce a number of financial benefits:

  • A price freeze
  • 5-year fixed rate payment plan for servicing
  • Extended our 5 year warranty by 1 more year (covering all moving parts)
  • Interest free 2 year payment plan spreading the cost over 3 financial years

Further financial savings for your business may be possible, as you can also deduct the full cost of plant and machinery from your profits before tax, using Annual Investment Allowance (AIA); (Plant and machinery).  The AIA has also increased to £1 million until December the 31st 2020.

As leaders in the installation and maintenance of washpad water recycling systems we aim to provide our customers with an effective, below ground, biological washpad water recycling process.

They are suitable for various applications including greenkeeping, grounds maintenance, small plant, machinery and vehicle wash-off areas.

To discuss a potential purchase or installation of the system, contact us today via the website or email clearwater@acumenwaste.co.uk.