A recent National Audit Office report has found that asbestos in schools is a serious problem. The findings of the research indicated that thousands of schools are not currently following safety guidelines. Indeed, one fifth of schools who took part in the survey were identified as not being fully compliant with official procedures. This has significant implications in terms of the threat to the health of children, with the possibility of more than one million encountering harmful fibres.

The National Union of Teachers has highlighted the dangers of asbestos in schools recently too, stating that it has been responsible for the deaths of 319 teachers since 1980. The general secretary of the teaching union, Chris Keates, has called for the Department for Education (DfE) to bring forward its proposals for the removal of asbestos, arguing that the only way to make asbestos safe is to remove it from buildings.

At the moment, the planned phased removal of asbestos in schools is scheduled to take place by 2021. The DfE has also updated their guidance for schools surrounding the management of asbestos, including highlighting the asbestos safety procedures which should be in place. Schools also need to be able to demonstrate they are compliant with Health and Safety Executive regulations with regards to asbestos management.

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