ClearWater is the UK’s leading wash-off water recycling system. Using a unique biological water recycling process, ClearWater enables customers to achieve an effective wash & finish on their equipment & machinery whilst also ensuring the environment is kept pollution free.

Keeping Compliant

ClearWater has been approved on the Water Technology List (WTL) for over 10 years and it is suitable for various applications including greenkeeping, grounds maintenance, small plant, machinery and vehicle wash-off areas. It is essential companies that use washdown pads are compliant to the relevant UK and EU water wash-off regulations, especially since water pollution has become a hot topic.

The revolutionary ClearWater recycling system enables customers to stay compliant, especially those with limited access to drainage points. It can also be used in drought situations as the water is recycled, there is no additional water is being used that may impact the drought further.

Below Ground Benefits

The system is installed below ground, therefore, there are no unattractive sights or noises, reducing the chance of vandalism and the exposure to harmful UV rays as well as ensuring no space is lost on the wash-down pad itself. It also means as water flows using gravity, there are no complicated parts so there is less for customers to maintain and less that could go wrong, overall keeping additional costs to a minimum. However, if needed customers can open the turret cover and look inside to ensure everything is working effectively.

Saving Thousands of Litres of Water

The advanced water recycling system utilises its unique harmless micro-organisms to break down contaminants found in the wash-off water. The system cleans and stores up to 90% of the wash-off water, it is then fed through powerful, submersible pumps to water guns providing 7 bar pressure for effective wash-offs. ClearWater also come with an advanced high oil detection sensor and alarm, this ensures there is no cross contamination so the system consistently produces clean water that can be used again and again. As the water is continuously recycled and decontaminated, customers can save thousands of litres of water each year.

Financial Benefits

Not only does ClearWater have environmental benefits, it also has financial savings when installed. The system operates on a standard domestic 230 to 240-volt supply with 13-amp sockets, however power consumption is minimal as the pumps only take power when needed. It also removes the costly decision to fit and connect a drainage system and pipes to the wash-down pad.

ClearWater also offers a both a turn-key installation and a self-install package of the wash-off water recycling system, depending on what is more economically suitable to the business. As the system is WST approved, those who have purchased and installed the recycling system can claim 100% of the cost of purchasing and installing the system against taxable profits in the year of purchase. This is available to do under the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme until April 2020.

BTME Attendance 2020

Between 21st to 23rd January, the Acumen and ClearWater team will be attending the BIGGA Turf Management Exhibition (BTME) in Harrogate for the 25th year running! Our exhibition stand is in the Red Zone South, stand number 206. The team will be available to discuss the ClearWater Recycling System as well as the added value Acumen Waste Services that may be needed when installing the system, including; waste management, hazardous waste disposal, spill products and remediation.